Crèche Course

11/1/2014 12-4pm
A Survival Strategies for Cultural Workers event in support of the RCA childcare campaign

Nurseries in art schools
Childcare in art schools
Parents in art schools

Where we were
Where we are
Where we want to be

Join us for an afternoon of presentations around the past, present and future of nurseries and childcare in London, in particular to but not limited to nurseries in art schools. The event will involve presentations and debates reflecting on the original creche at the RCA started in 1969 and closed in the early 1980s; discussions on the current wave of closures; survival strategies and the movements to re-instate them. Through a series of ‘working tables’ we will rethink what are the implications of having/not having childcare in an art school, plus imagine what different models of childcare could be developed if art schools embraced childcare as an essential provision. Join us in a communal exercise to expand our common ideas of how art schools relate to parents and children, what childcare is, and what we want the broader culture of art schools to be.

Presentations and debates include: artist Jane Furst on starting the initial RCA creche in 1968/69, in conversation with her daughter Vanessa King who was a child at the RCA in the 70s, chaired by Richard Wentworth, artist and Professor of Sculpture at The Royal College of Art, London from 2009-11; artist Andrea Francke on the Nursery Project at Chelsea College of Art; writer and research student Kim Dhillon and RCA SU Vice President Tom Gottelier on the current campaign to reinstate the RCA crèche; and Dr Catherine Grant, Lecturer in Art and Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths, and parent, and Graham Gaskell, Chief Executive Goldsmiths Students’ Union on the Goldsmiths SU nursery.
Following presentations, working tables on a range of specific problems and possibilities of childcare in art schools will invite constructive debate.

Places are free but booking required:

The Showroom
63 Penfold Street
London NW8 8PQ
Tel: 020 7724 4300

Saturday 11 January, 12-4