This is a project I run with some friends, to know more or order an issue please go to:
Making Do

Making Do is an independent magazine led by an international team of graphic designers and artists, based in London. Informed by a culture of open source editorial tools and cross-disciplinary collaborations, each issue of the publication will explore a different process of creative production by unveiling the languages or/and systems of creation.

"Making Do focuses on the methodologies of creating - making, with whatever means or conditions available."

Alexandre Coco: alex at makingdo dot org dot uk
Andrea Francke: andrea at makingdo dot org dot uk
Mary Ikoniadou: mary at makingdo dot org dot uk
Asl? Kal?no?lu: asli at makingdo dot org dot uk

Issue 2 - Making Sense

This issue of Making Do attempts to explore the process of "making sense" as a method of creative production, making sense in the space between reality and fantasy. What happens in that space, the often nervous frequency between the real and the non-real? Using and pushing the process further, the editors have decided to not even attempt to make sense of each other by working together. Instead, they have each visited that territory separately and with the company of their contributors - the results of which, was then put together in an envelope. The reader holds the evidence of these journeys.